The Fortnite Battle Royale Party Bus is now Naruto themed

The bus is making a run to Area 51.

Every now and again, the Battle Bus that delivers the combatants to the Battle Royale island receives a makeover, usually to celebrate holidays or major crossover events. The most recent character to bring their own flair to the Battle Bus is none other than the highly anticipated Naruto!

While the change to the Battle Bus itself is not that significant (the only difference seems to be Naruto's iconic headband), it comes alongside an array of other changes to the map and Fortnite Item Shop. In the Item Shop, players can now spend vBucks to buy other Naruto-themed cosmetics like outfits, harvesting tools, back blings, and emotes. On the map, players can find Kakashi walking around a cluster of stones in the hills south of Primal Pond.

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There is a good chance that this may be the last Battle Royale Party Bus of the Chapter, not just the Season. Some sources on Twitter suggest we may end up making a Naruto run into Chapter 3 with a rumored start date of Dec. 7, 2021. With how hyped up the Naruto crossover has been over the past several months, we can't say we'd be surprised if they decide to finish the Chapter this way.

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