All Rust Lord Scrap King punchcard quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Busy scrapping.

For Chapter 2 Season 8, Fortnite is slowly adding in NPCs, each with its own location and questline. This week, they have brought Rust Lord to the Fortnite Island. He is at the Compact Cars landmark west of the northwest corner of Dirty Docks.

  • Stage 1 - Common: Collect Wood, Metal, and Stone. [3]
    • Reward: 30k XP
  • Stage 2 - Uncommon: Build structures at Corny Crops or Weeping Woods. [20]
    • Reward: 30k XP
  • Stage 3 - Rare: Gather shields from Slurp Barrels. [30]
    • Reward: 30k XP
  • Stage 4 - Epic: Hit weakpoints while harvesting. [20]
    • Reward: 30k XP
  • Stage 5 - Legendary: Destroy structures with a vehicle. [30]
    • Reward: 30k XP

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Note: The first time you complete all stages above, you are given a total of 150k XP. However, once you have completed all five of them, you will be awarded less XP if you complete them again. Still, the character's punchcard will be marked off in your collection!

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